Why do Custom?

With the rise of social media a lot has changed, one of those many changes has impacted the retail jewelry across the globe. Everybody is looking for that perfect ring for their special day, and they get inspiration from all of the jewelry they see on social media. Brandon, a salesperson from a Utah based retail store said, “
it is extremely rare that a customer walks into my store without half a dozen pictures on their phone of rings from Pinterest, Etsy, Google images, etc. Rings which they are already in love with, and rings which I do not have!” If you didn’t know what to do in a situation like this then you are not alone. Many different retail jewelry stores are coming across this issue. But the good news is there are companies out there who provide custom jewelry design.

Getting a custom jewelry piece with a custom jewelry manufacturer is a simple process. It starts by you sending in your ideas of the ring you or your customer wants. Add a picture or drawing to help us understand your idea of the ring. Then you will receive a Computer Aided Design (or CAD for short) of the piece of jewelry. At this point you can see what the piece will look like when finished and make any necessary changes to make the ring perfect. Once the design is approved it is cast in whichever metal you decided on and you get the finished piece of jewelry in the mail.

If it’s that easy to get a custom piece of jewelry the question then becomes, what benefits can I get from offering custom jewelry in my store?

Many jewelers can attribute more than 90% of their business to custom jewelry (Lisa Krikawa, Custom Jeweler). I’m not saying that if you offer custom jewelry you will automatically be making tons of sales and have a line out the door. But many of the jewelers we at Silk & Co. work with, earn 50% of their revenue by offering these made-to-order custom pieces. There are a lot of benefits for offering custom, a few of them are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction- Customers love the quality of the work and the ability to design their own ring.
  • Increased closing ratio- Starting the custom process keeps customers from shopping competitors. One salesman told us: “Our closing ratio is incredible. 60% for our store, 70% for myself.”
  • Address customer’s fears- Curb customer’s concerns about their custom ring by utilizing our free CAD renderings. They can see the final result and request changes to be made before the ring is done. (There is also an option to produce a wax model if needed)
  • Less stagnant inventory- Simplify your cases by stocking your best selling rings and let the custom ring manufacturer produce the unique and trending styles.

The best news of all is that it doesn’t break the bank. Custom jewelry pricing is comparable to prices of jewelry you already have in your store. And because these prices are mainly dependant on the price of the metal and stones, you can customize the ring to fit your customers’ budget.

What makes Silk & Co. the number 1 option for custom jewelry manufacturing?

Silk & Company provides benefits to retail jewelers by offering these industry-leading features:

  • Free CAD renderings & revisions within 1-2 days.
  • The ability to offer any style your customer is looking for.
  • 2-3 Week Delivery of set & finished products.
  • Rings cast in 10K, 14K, 18K gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Affordable pricing that is comparable to rings already in your showcase.
  • With our simple process we make it easy to do custom jewelry.

We have many years of experience in designing and making custom jewelry. We know that you will be surprised at the speed and quality we put into each new ring. Let us help you fulfill your customers’ dream of that perfect ring.

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