New Look - Same Beautiful Pieces!

About Us

At Silk & Company, we specialize in custom jewelry design and rapid prototyping. Our goal is to provide retail jewelers with a reliable source for custom CAD and casting capabilities. We do this by offering our clients these industry-leading services: 
  • Free CAD
  • 2-3 week delivery
  • Affordable pricing for you and your customers

Meet the team!


When you order from us, we will provide you with high quality renderings that will help win your customers over. Once you make a request, we will send you renderings and a quote for the finished piece, with no obligation on your part.

Because we are a wholesale company, we can provide services that give retail jewelers extra benefits like increased customer satisfaction, more concise inventory, and increased closing ratio. We even have customers with their own in-house goldsmiths, who love having someone to provide difficult CAD models, micro-pave, or even just to send jobs to when they need an extra hand. Outsourcing custom manufacturing is becoming a new industry standard and we're here to to keep things running silky smooth.