Personalizing Your Gemstones

Selling custom is a unique experience that allows you and your customers to make a one of a kind piece of art. One of the possibilities is being able to customize the type of stones you use in your ring. Not only can you get a unique gemstone center, but certain gemstones you can even use for melee stones! Gemstones not only allow for more creativity and personalization, but they are also a cheaper alternative in most cases. 

Getting started

Begin by sitting down with the customer and understanding what they are looking for. Some customers just want a simple design, while others want something a little more extravagant. Help inspire them with a couple of styles that sound similar to what they are looking for, and let them know that gemstones are an option they can have for their design.

Picking a Center Stone

One of the biggest costs in creating a piece of jewelry is the center stone. Usually the larger your stone the higher your cost. If you want a large center stone, but a diamond is out of the price range, consider a few alternatives. Many gemstones are cheaper than a diamond but can add a lot of sparkle and personality.


Morganites are a great symbol of love and compassion. There is grace and elegance in these gemstones, and the soft colors portray a sense of innocence. Popular colors for morganite are pink and champagne. Both colors pair well with rose gold and a halo of diamonds.  Morganites are relatively inexpensive making them excellent choices for pendants, earrings, and rings.


A ruby symbolizes a passion for adventure, a zeal for life, and a driving fire. There is a timeless quality to a ruby that suggests nobility, grace, and beauty. Rubies look great set in a variety of golds and comes in many shapes. The symbolism of a ruby pairs well with both vintage and cotemporary styles. Rubies also look great paired with a few white diamonds.

Genuine rubies are rare and come with their own personalities. The natural process that creates these beautiful stones makes each one unique. If a natural stone is out of your budget, a great alternative is a created ruby. These more common stones aren’t mined, but feature a similar luster and color as a natural stone for a smaller price. Both types of rubies are a wonderful addition to any ring, depending on what you’re looking for.


Sapphire symbolizes grace and beauty. A noble stone, its deep blue color invoking feelings of peace and serenity. These gems are beautifully highlighted in white gold and accentuated with white diamonds. They also are beautiful in a solitaire setting. As with a ruby, genuine sapphires are rare and the natural process makes each one unique. A created sapphire has similar features but a smaller price tag.

What’s next?

Once you have the style and gems picked the jeweler will have a CAD model designed for you. The CAD will show you what the jewelry will look like and what the price will be. You can also have a wax model created if the customer wants to see the piece in person. When you and the client are happy with the design, your we will then cast and polish the piece, and you will have a beautifully crafted custom gift!

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