The Benefits of Using Silk & Company

Custom manufacturing is the new standard in retail jewelry. The rise of social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook have changed the way consumers see unique and vintage designs. Each jeweler’s needs are different, so whether you are a new jewelry start-up, or a family owned store that’s been in business for 100+ years, Silk & Company is here to work with you. Some of the benefits that we can help provide are:

Putting the focus back on retail – Selling jewelry and manufacturing jewelry are separate disciplines with unique difficulties. Ours is one of the few industries trying to handle both at the same time. Outsourcing custom manufacturing is a simple way for your store to refocus on retail selling and marketing. Let us handle your manufacturing so that you can do what do best: sell jewelry.

Simplify cash flow – One of the many benefits of custom is that everybody gets paid quickly. Rings are sold without having to sit in a showcase for weeks. You don’t have to pay cost until you see the ring in hand, which means no haggling for terms, less stagnant inventory, and a better relationship with your vendor.

Outshine Major Chains– Most major chains can’t offer custom jewelry the way an independent jewelry store can. Many quote 6-8 weeks for a custom design (if they offer it at all). A jewelry store using Silk & Company can count on a consistent 2-3 week delivery time for made-to-order engagement rings, for prices that chains can’t hope to match.

Increased Customer Satisfaction – Customers often compliment our quality of work, but more importantly, they love feeling like a ring is their own. Whether its a small modification or a piece designed from the ground up, being part of the process is important to anyone making a jewelry purchase.

Increased Closing Ratio – When used correctly, custom jewelry can keep your customers from shopping with competitors. Starting the custom process makes them more likely to stay with you, but it helps when a customer says; “I like this, but can I change this one thing?” and you are able to say “Absolutely!”

New standard for retailers – Many jewelers offer custom designs, but only as a last resort. Our customers are able to offer custom jewelry early on in their sale presentations, with little risk on their part. Many of our customers are able to change the way they do business thanks to our free CAD and reliable service.

 Our Philosophy